• Question: whats the side effects of masterbating in women

    Asked by 263heaa27 to Dorcas, Jay Oty, Mel, Chapa, Priscilla on 24 Sep 2014.
    • Photo: Melissa Kapulu

      Melissa Kapulu answered on 24 Sep 2014:

      @263heaa27 very good and relevant question in this day and age. I know in a few years time when my daughter is your age, she will ask a similar question.

      It seems female masturbation has become common place with an outward show of tools used for the act. There are a number of side effects that immediately come to mind based on the method of masturbation.

      The female vagina is very uniquely designed. On one end, it is made to allow penis penetration during sexual intercourse for the purpose of reproduction and pleasure. On the other it also the channel through which you and I have been delivered in this world.

      So back to female masturbation. For the purposes of pleasure, women use tools to act as a penis. And these could either be their own fingers or instruments called vibrators. The possible side effects with using fingers is that your nails might have bacteria that can lead to infection in your vagina. I am not sure how common this is but it is potentially a cause of vaginal infections.

      With the use of vibrators, these can also cause bruising which could lead to infection. If not properly cleaned and sanitised these could carry bacteria and viruses and lead to infections. And also exchange of these tools between females could lead to “sexually’ transmitted infections. Not too long ago I had come across a report where a female in a relationship with another female ended up contracting HIV from their partner. Though the article did not speculate on how exactly the infection was acquired but one would imagine that the exchange of these tools used for masturbation enabled the exchange of body fluids.

      Therefore infections might come about as a result of bruising in the vagina area where the wound becomes exposed to contaminating bacteria or viruses. A major side effect.