I’m a Scientist – you’ve decided to let Dorcas go

We’ve counted, checked and rechecked the votes and now it’s game over for…

Dorcas Kamuya

Dorcas Kamuya

This leaves just “Energetic, enthusiastic and funPriscilla or “Determined, Dependable and DynamicMelissa to fight it out for the 50000 KSh prize tomorrow.

The competition is hotting up and the scientists are pulling out all the stops to secure your all important final vote. Only you decide who gets the 50000 KSh prize. Not your teacher, not the other scientists.

Vote NOW to make sure your favourite scientist walks off with the prize – VOTE HERE

If you haven’t made up your mind why not ask the scientists those all important tie breaker questions to help you decide? ASK your question

May the best scientist win.

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