• Question: what causes man to erect

    Asked by 263heaa27 to Priscilla, Mel, Dorcas, Jay Oty, Chapa on 24 Sep 2014. This question was also asked by 224heaa29, 222heaa29, 243heaa22.
    • Photo: Melissa Kapulu

      Melissa Kapulu answered on 24 Sep 2014:

      @263heaa27 @224heaa29 and @222heaa29
      You guys have all asked the same question so I will try and answer you at once.

      I am not a man but here is what I know and think.
      Men, in my opinion, are moved by mainly what the see. For a man to get an erection, he has be to stimulated. This stimulation can be physical, emotional or visual or psychological. In some instances erection is uncontrollable for instance, one just wakes up with an erection in the morning without and stimulation.

      When a man is stimulated, there is an increased blood flow or supply to the penis, which then makes it enlargen. A penis is like any organ in a body and is supplied with blood by blood vessels. The increased supply and flow of blood to the penis causes it to harden and engorge. Hence the slang term for this is: a “hardon”. This is often eased by removal of sperm a term referred to as ejaculation.

      In some men, there is a condition called erectile dysfunction or impotence, meaning that their penis is unable to erect. There are some diseases that cause erectile dysfunction but the condition can be treated.