• Question: can eating a lot of meat cause diseases

    Asked by aleka to Priscilla on 1 Oct 2014.
    • Photo: Priscilla Ngotho

      Priscilla Ngotho answered on 1 Oct 2014:

      Hi aleka

      So you love meat sana 🙂 ?

      There are some risks associated with eating too much meat (especially red meat). Meat has high levels of fat and cholesterol and too much cholesterol can lead to weight problems, heart problems among other conditions. Too much red meat consumption is linked to some types of cancer although more studies have t be done to confirm. Too much red meat especially here in Kenya we love “nyama choma” (roast meat) has been linked to gout.

      Eat just enough meat because it is a good source of protein and iron and other nutrients, but like everything else, too much of it is harmful.